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The Canadian sustainable bond market is growing rapidly with more than C$35 billion already raised by over 19 different organizations. There are three types of sustainable bonds: green (to finance renewables, public transit, energy efficiency, etc.), social (targeting positive social outcomes such as housing and education), and transition (to finance a lower carbon future).

Just as the displayed exchanges and marketplaces in Canada have undergone tremendous change over the past 20 years with the regulatory liberalization that allowed alternative trading systems (ATS) in 2001, the dark market has also gone through significant change since their introduction to the Canadian market a few years later.

We all can only imagine what it is like to be Stefan Thomas. It’s gut wrenching to imagine what he is experiencing. So close but yet so far.

The easiest way to reflect on 2020 is to acknowledge that it is over. So much grief, fear and heartache transpired over the course of last year that we naturally just want to move on and not look back. While that is a fair perspective to take for how much of 2020 played out, on the other hand it’s worth acknowledging some of the major developments in the bustling Canadian and global ETF industry.

On November 25, 2020, John McKenzie, CEO, TMX Group and Peter Conroy, President of Trayport, TMX Group's London-based subsidiary, served as co-moderators for the 11th Annual Canadian Chief Economists Panel Debate, hosted by the Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce.