The Future is
Yours to See

is changing.
Are you?

From artificial intelligence to self-driving cars to data-driven insights and predictions, the future is unfolding before our very eyes. That’s why TMX has evolved into much more than an exchange operator. We are a powerful ecosystem of markets and tools designed to support global businesses’ and investors’ diverse needs and goals. And knowing tomorrow’s biggest ideas could come from anywhere, we’re facilitating the development of bold new ways to power growth in Canada and around the world.

Ideas know no borders. Neither should investors.

40% of our daily trading volume comes from outside of Canada and we’re one of the top ranked destinations for global capital.

Companies of all sizes have visionary ideas.

We have a highly effective ecosystem to help early-stage companies grow, graduating companies at a rate of 7 times higher than our nearest exchange competitor.

Tomorrow’s big ideas need funding faster.

Accessing capital is more time sensitive than ever before, so we offer tailored, ‘right-sized’ listing requirements and work directly with applicants to help reduce obstacles.

Disruption is the new

Building on a history of market firsts, we continue to explore and develop the new technologies and transformative market models that will deliver for tomorrow and far into the future.


Whether you’re pursuing portfolio growth or funding for your next big idea, TMX offers access to Canada’s capital markets, one of the world’s most trusted and efficient capital markets, designed to unlock opportunity in Canada and around the world.

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Innovative, actionable data and powerful analytics to help businesses and investors make smarter, quicker decisions to capitalize on investment opportunities.

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Building the tools to transform how businesses grow and investments are made. We collaborate with world-leading organizations to tackle barriers to growth, build better market technologies, and design tomorrow’s markets.

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