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Revitalizing TSX Venture Exchange: Canada’s Public Venture Market

December 17, 2015

Earlier this month, TMX Group announced that TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) is introducing changes to help support, revitalize and grow its marketplace. Today, a whitepaper titled Revitalizing TSX Venture Exchange: Canada's Public Venture Market was published outlining TSXV's tactics designed to address the current environment and secure a strong future as the leading public market for early-stage companies not only in natural resources sectors, but also in fast-growing sectors such as technology, clean technology, renewable energy, and life sciences.

CLICK HERE to read the whitepaper.

TSXV is a critical part of TMX's equity markets continuum, an important driver of the Canadian economy, and a key element in Canada's innovation and venture capital ecosystem. The initiatives outlined in this paper will provide both near- and long-term benefits to the marketplace, and are directly aimed at improving the client experience on TSXV.

As a first step in its new evolutionary phase, TSXV is committed to making a positive, tangible impact in three important areas to:

  1. Meaningfully reduce our clients' administrative and compliance costs without compromising investor confidence.
  2. Expand the base of investors financing companies and generally enhance liquidity.
  3. Diversify and grow the stock list to increase the attractiveness of the marketplace.

The leadership team at TSXV has met with more than 130 clients and other stakeholders to discuss key current issues impacting Canada's public venture market and to instigate progressive solutions. These meetings yielded a great deal of valuable dialogue and debate and shaped the tactics we are pursuing to address the considerable challenges our clients face today. Importantly, TSXV wants to keep the keep the conversation going. A series of town hall meetings will be held across Canada in early 2016 to encourage ongoing dialogue with our clients and the broader marketplace. And we encourage feedback on social media as well.

You can contribute to the conversation in a number of ways:

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