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TMX Organizational Realignment Takes Shape

November 17, 2015

In June 2015, TMX announced an organizational realignment designed to achieve the company's new vision of being a technology-driven solutions provider that puts clients first. The goal is to advance TMX beyond the previous concept of an infrastructure provider made up of a group of companies and into the next phase of our evolution – a cohesive business with multiple, world leading capabilities and an integrated growth platform.

TMX emerged from this process with a sharpened focus, as well as a plan for streamlining the company's operating structure and its investment strategy. Today we are sharing some further details about how our businesses fit into our priority growth areas.

Our mission: Powering capital and commodity markets, investment, and economic growth for clients in Canada, across North America and around the world

Our vision: To be a technology driven solutions provider that puts clients first.

In charting a course to future success, we identified five strategic pillars that serve to support TMX's refined mission and vision:

  • Capital formation: Energize and expand our "capital community" to better facilitate capital raising for issuers of all types at all stages of their development and providing access to alternative sources of capital. TMX businesses included in the capital formation pillar are Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange, TSX Private Markets and TMX Equity Transfer Services.
  • Derivatives: Intensify new product creation and leverage our unique market position to benefit from increasing demand for derivatives products both in Canada and globally. TMX businesses included in the derivatives pillar are Montréal Exchange, CDCC and BOX.
  • Efficient markets: Operate innovative, efficient, reliable, fast, easy to use platforms for trading and clearing. TMX businesses included in the efficient markets pillar are Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange, TSX Alpha Exchange, CDS, NGX and Shorcan.
  • Market insights: Deliver integrated data sets to fuel high-value proprietary and third party analytics to help clients make better trading and investment decisions. TMX businesses included in the market insights pillar are TMX Datalinx, TMX Insights, TMX Atrium, and eXplore.
  • Market solutions: Leverage TMX capabilities and technologies to introduce new operating models into new sectors and asset classes. AgriClear, the newest TMX business is the first under the market solutions pillar.

TMX businesses have been grouped under their respective pillars in the signature block on our websites, and This alignment reflects the evolution of the TMX brand and our new priority areas, while also showcasing the breadth of TMX offerings.

In addition, a new section called "TMX Insights" has been added to TMX Insights, part of the Market Insights pillar, is a new, integrated suite of capabilities that provide financial content, tools and applications, and, at a later stage, equity markets analytics.