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The exploration, production and use of hydrocarbons is fundamentally at odds with the Paris Climate Agreement. The Paris Agreement, signed in 2016, is an agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), whereby member countries have agreed to reduce global greenhouse-gas-emissions in an effort to reduce the harmful effects of climate change.

When investors think of growth industries, many probably imagine technology companies disrupting the old way of doing things, or perhaps real estate groups benefiting from a strong commercial real estate market.

Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) announced our inaugural TSX30, a ranking of the 30 top-performing TSX stocks over a three-year period based on dividend-adjusted share price appreciation. TSX30 tells an important story; there is value in looking at the performance of small and mid-cap companies across TSX.

TSX DRK, Canada's leading alternative dark pool for trading Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) listed securities, recently introduced an innovative solution called Contra Midpoint Only Plus (CMO+) designed to deliver a higher level of protection for participants looking for a true mid-point execution.

This year, the eSports industry will top US $1B in revenue; its growth rate is triple the rate of the video game industry. Today, gaming is at the heart of the entertainment experience. Gen Z is one of the first generations in decades that is growing up without a cable subscription. Instead, they have access to high-speed internet and are thus diverging from traditional forms of media and entertainment.

Once viewed with skepticism, Dark trading is a highly viable investment option today providing access to deep pools of liquidity, which represents approximately 10% of Canadian trading volumes with growing adoption around the world. In fact, it has become a regular part of an institutional or retail trader’s workflow.

It’s only been in the last few months that consumers have been introduced to CBD and its potential benefits; we’re at the beginning, the industry has just leapt out of the starting blocks. While CBD has been dominating recent headlines, many consumers and investors are left asking ‘what exactly is CBD’ and perhaps, most importantly, ‘why is everyone talking about it’?

While debates continue over which sources of energy (renewable vs. non-renewable) are best suited to meet our planet’s future energy requirements, the reality is, global energy demand is forecast to grow by 25% by 2040.

TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) occupies a strong and unique position in global capital markets: we are the premier capital formation platform in the world for early-stage companies. But it didn’t happen overnight and it didn’t happen by accident or simply as a matter of policy.

Advances in technology have dramatically reshaped the equity and derivatives trading landscape in Canada in the past 15 years and will continue to do so going forward.

Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) are listing platforms for high growth US companies looking to raise capital. Companies with early revenue, a strong management team, and a growth strategy to potentially list on a US exchange should consider the Canadian capital markets as an alternative that may be the right fit.

A few weeks ago, fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs went berserk with madness and excitement as the team successfully made it to Game 7 in the first round of the NHL playoffs. Maybe it’s the 52-year history of misery and disappointment that led to the celebration and hysteria that came with a chance of winning a Stanley Cup.

We’re six months into the legalization of cannabis in Canada and we’ve heard all about the shortage of supplies, the ever-changing municipal regulations and allotment of retail stores in Ontario.

With the Canadian economy virtually grinding to a halt in the fourth quarter of 2018, investors are understandably cautious when it comes to the real estate sector.

As a market operator with a worldwide client base, TMX monitors evolving trends and developments on international markets on an ongoing basis. Over the past year, our global business development team has been paying close attention to the European equity markets and specifically to gauge the impacts of a new regulatory framework called Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II, commonly known as MiFID II, which came into effect in January 2018.

PDAC, the premier international event for the minerals and mining industry, with its scale and global reach is the ultimate barometer to gauge the mood of the sector overall. This year I noticed with its variety of panels, sessions, meetings and roundtables, there was an encouraging and welcome mood that signaled a “back to business” feeling that permeated the convention.

Entrepreneurs drive growth and innovation, and lead Canadian companies into new markets. As a country, we have a rich history and tradition of entrepreneurship and people that inspire us through creativity, leadership and impact.

It is always interesting to take a pause at the start of a new year - to reflect and look towards the coming year. This January there is a lot to consider. There was a lot of change in the global capital markets in 2018 and this could have a big impact on investor sentiment and mining companies looking to raise capital in 2019.

There were two hot topics on everyone's mind at the Cantech Investment Conference this year; eSports and cannabis. Now, cannabis, comes as no surprise, but eSports may not be as familiar to some.

Few industries have been as impacted by technological change as retail and consumer goods. To cope with the rapid rise of e-commerce and other changes in shopper habits, many brands and store chains have invested significantly to digitize their business models, from new websites, apps and point-of-sale technology to using analytics and automation in distribution centres.

As of January 3rd liquid alternatives are here, but what does this all mean? Will this new asset class make inroads into Canadian retail portfolios?

October 17, 2018 will be a date written in history books, the date recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada. And while that date is an important milestone in this burgeoning industry, it is also important to note the foundation set by the Canadian capital markets to provide a marketplace to support the growth of the legal cannabis industry.