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It is always interesting to take a pause at the start of a new year - to reflect and look towards the coming year. This January there is a lot to consider. There was a lot of change in the global capital markets in 2018 and this could have a big impact on investor sentiment and mining companies looking to raise capital in 2019.

There were two hot topics on everyone's mind at the Cantech Investment Conference this year; eSports and cannabis. Now, cannabis, comes as no surprise, but eSports may not be as familiar to some.

Few industries have been as impacted by technological change as retail and consumer goods. To cope with the rapid rise of e-commerce and other changes in shopper habits, many brands and store chains have invested significantly to digitize their business models, from new websites, apps and point-of-sale technology to using analytics and automation in distribution centres.

As of January 3rd liquid alternatives are here, but what does this all mean? Will this new asset class make inroads into Canadian retail portfolios?

October 17, 2018 will be a date written in history books, the date recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada. And while that date is an important milestone in this burgeoning industry, it is also important to note the foundation set by the Canadian capital markets to provide a marketplace to support the growth of the legal cannabis industry.