Toronto Stock Exchange

Open to the world.

As a top destination for global capital and liquidity, our senior equity exchange propels some of the world's leading companies forward and empowers market participants to transform their vision for growth and gain into reality. Canada's markets provide some of the lowest spreads in the world, typically shorter timelines for going public than on US exchanges and a highly reliable clearing system with zero days of disruption, which makes Toronto Stock Exchange one of the world's most efficient markets.

Montréal Exchange

Leader in risk management.

The Montréal Exchange offers individual and institutional investors, both in Canada and abroad, a wide range of risk management products for protecting their investments and driving growth. Supported by a proprietary next generation trading system and a top-rated clearing service, we are a leader in the listing of equity options, options on ETFs, currency options, Index derivatives and Interest rate derivatives (bond and money markets). Recognizing that global derivatives demand continues to increase, we provide educational leadership and resources to empower current and the next generation of traders and investors to include options strategies in their portfolios.

Venture Exchange

Success at any size.

As one of the world's leading small cap markets we have our sights set on the future to help you begin to realize yours. We have graduated visionary early-stage companies to their next level at a higher rate than our nearest competitor1 while providing investors with the opportunity to invest and grow with tomorrow's leaders.

1. From January 2000 to December 2016, 630 companies graduated from TSXV to TSX. In the same period, 87 companies graduated from AIM to London Stock Exchange

Alpha Exchange

Creating new standards for efficiency.

Our cutting-edge Alpha Exchange platform was created to establish an optimal trading environment for active traders and investors seeking lower trading costs and increased quality of execution. Designed to enhance fill sizes for active traders and provide confidence and protections for those willing to increase the market's liquidity, this innovative marketplace helps lower trading costs and increases the executional efficiency and quality needed by today's active traders.

TSX Private Markets

Setting our sights on new opportunities.

Our mandate is to serve companies throughout their evolution from start-up, to private issuer, to public issuer. With our forward-thinking Private Markets business, we have extended the reach of our vital equities markets ecosystem to support efficient capital raising and secondary trading within Canada's exempt market.

TSX Trust

Navigating complexity with expertise and innovation.

With both transfer agency and corporate trust capabilities, our team of experts provide depositary and debt trustee services, and work with publicly-traded companies to help navigate the complexity of securities recordkeeping and transfer processing to ensure accuracy, expediency and compliance. Always striving to be at the forefront of progressive change, TMX has created an innovative electronic shareholder voting system, leveraging blockchain technology to significantly improve the efficiency, accuracy and security of the voting process during annual shareholder meetings.


Designed by the industry for the industry.

NAVex is a great example of TMX's ongoing efforts to partner with the industry to innovate and develop new structures that cater directly to the needs of the financial community. NAVex, which was developed with 30 fund managers and 12 investment dealers, is a mutual fund platform accessed through the Toronto Stock Exchange that streamlines the distribution and bulk trading of a wide range of fund products.


World class reliability and performance.

Recognized by the Bank of Canada as intrinsic to the Canadian economy, The Canadian Depository for Securities Limited (CDS) is Canada's national securities depository, clearing and settlement hub. With continuous network availability, zero days of disruption and an exemplary operational reliability rating, CDS brings greater executional efficiency, security and stability to the equity exchanges that power the Canadian economy.


Stability for a rapidly evolving industry.

The only integrated central clearing counterparty in North America that clears and settles futures, options and options on futures, Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation (CDCC) is Canada's national central clearing counterparty for exchange-traded derivative products. We ensure the integrity and stability of Canada's derivatives marketplace, while constantly adapting and innovating to deliver new clearing and risk management solutions.

Shorcan Brokers Limited

Another Canadian first.

An industry leader, Canada's first inter-dealer broker (IDB) specializes in the Canadian fixed-income marketplace with a hybrid model that allows traders to access our marketplace via voice or electronically. Shorcan is committed to exploring and deploying innovative trading models aimed at reducing dealer's costs and operational risks.

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