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TMX Global Analytics

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TMX Grapevine

Build powerful customized analytics against our global equity, derivatives and FX data sets in less time and for fractions of the cost.


ETF Broker Analytics

Examine quote activity at the top-of-book and at multiple price levels below to understand the on-book liquidity profile of 500+ ETFs by broker.


ETF Trading Analytics

The ETF Trading Analytics dashboard helps users analyze and better understand the trading activity and marketplace liquidity of TSX-listed ETFs, through various market intelligence metrics focused on quoting and trading.


Order Book Visualizer

Examine the orderbook at millisecond granularity and replay trade events as they unfold.


ETF Fact Sheet

Seamlessly calculate the bid-ask spread of any TSX-listed ETF in accordance with Canadian Securities Administration (CSA) reporting requirements.

New to Trading in Canada?

Quickly test your strategies against our data sets and see what alpha-generating opportunities exist for you in the "True North"

There's a lot of data out there...

We isolate what's relevant and make it accessible. Cut through the noise and discover actionable insights with our suite of products. Brought to you by TMX Analytics, a team of market structure and database experts committed to helping you drive results.

Quality Data

Full book, high resolution, North American and European tick-level data maintained with the highest standards

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Choose how to interact with the data using one of our pre-built interfaces, seamless API layer for Python or SQL

Custom Insights

Run queries to test your hypothesis quickly and cost effectively in your own secure cloud environment

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