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TMX Grapevine

Our cloud-native analytics-as-a-service platform

TMX Grapevine Lite

Designed for occasional use, TMX Grapevine Lite provides a pre-built environment with advanced trading-related analytics. Users can access a variety of graphical analytics and explore trends over time or drill into specific securities.

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TMX Grapevine Explore

TMX Grapevine Explore provides a completely secure environment for users to upload private data and build custom analytics against our 20+ PB of core data and pre-built analytic content sets using SQL/Python/R.

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TMX Grapevine Pro

Building upon the capabilities offered in TMX Grapevine Explore, TMX Grapevine Professional allows for the additional benefit of downloading unlimited core content as needed to local devices or servers.

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Build powerful analytics faster than ever before

ETF innovation starts here - in Canada

TMX Analytics is the only provider of broker analytics for ETF issuers, and our powerful TMX Grapevine platform that fuels these analytics is the first of its kind - globally.

Scale costs according to your business needs

With TMX Grapevine, you can scale your costs up (or down) and eliminate multiple exchange data licenses, low-value database maintenance and hardware over-investment.

TMX Grapevine’s rich data sets enabled us to accelerate our go-to-market development efforts to launch our Canadian and Interlisted trading services.

- ABHISHEK KUNDU, Clearpool Group

TMX Grapevine API

For quick and easy integrations. Pricing may vary.

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Try before you commit using our free, limited plan. Scale up when needed.

Leverage our data in your domain

Power visualizations, fuel better business intelligence, showcase your trading edge, feed your product - its all possible with TMX Grapevine API.

ETF Solutions

Designed specifically for ETF product teams

TMX Logicly

Streamline investment research, portfolio construction and inform better ETF trades with TMX Logicly, the
complete analytics platform for financial advisors, ETF investors and portfolio managers.

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ETF Broker Analytics

Examine quote activity at the top-of-book and at multiple price levels below to understand the on-book liquidity profile of 500+ ETFs by broker.

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ETF Fact Sheet

Seamlessly calculate the bid-ask spread of any TSX-listed ETF in accordance with Canadian Securities Administration (CSA) reporting requirements.

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Quality Data

Quality insights begin with the highest quality data inputs - we manage the warehousing, maintenance and exchange licencing associated with our global data lake.

Ease of Access

You choose how to interact with the data and derived analytics: use one of our pre-built apps, seamless API, or SQL/Python/R queries through our TMX notebook environement.

Custom Insights

Run any query at scale. Test and prove your hypothesis quickly and cost effictively. Protect your ideas in your private sandbox, while getting the answers you're looking for.

Better analytics. Better decisions.

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