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TSX Markets facilitates online trading on both Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange with a dependable stock market trading system and services - trading over 4,200 securities and averaging over 600 million shares per day.

Our trading facilities feature:

  • Dependability
  • Fully-electronic processing
  • No intermediary delays
  • Fast fills
  • Clear rule set
  • Confidence that your order will be treated fairly in the market

Electronic central limit order book

At the core of TSX Markets trading is a computer-based central limit order book. Toronto Stock Exchange was the first exchange in the world to computerize stock market trading. TSX Markets is a global leader in stock market trading speed and reliability.

Guaranteed liquidity

Our electronic market making programs automatically fill liquidity - demanding orders which exceed the quote up to the stock's "Minimum Guaranteed Fill" (MGF). From gold exploration in China to oil in Kazakhstan, you can find it traded on Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange. And, there's good reason Toronto Stock Exchange has a significant market share of trading in interlisted symbols - with its technological sophistication, and business, governance and regulatory models, Toronto Stock Exchange continues to set new standards as a North American leader positioned at the forefront of global marketplaces.

A fair, fast, transparent market

Through a transparent, electronic auction, our trading facilities allow traders to see what interest exists and how prices are calculated. Transparency and fairness are paramount in all that we do, which is why more international traders are trading with TSX Markets.

For more information on our exchange trading services, please contact a TSX Markets Account Manager.

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