TMX Select

Fee Schedule - Effective November 1, 2013

Trading Fees (volume-based, except as otherwise stated)

Product Fee

Subscriber Fee:

$350 per month per subscriber firm

Low Priced Equity Fee:
All equities where the trade price per-share is under $1:
Active: Credit $0.0008 per share
Passive: Charge $0.0012 per share
High Priced Equity Fee:
All equities where the trade price per-share is $1 or over:
Active: Credit $0.0013 per share
Passive: Charge $0.0017 per share
Cross Printing Facility: FREE
Unintentional crosses are billed according to equity trading fees

Market Data Fees

Product Fee

Real-time Market Data Feeds FREE

Connectivity to TMX Order Entry Gateway

The following fees are only applicable to net new connections to the TMX order entry gateway, which connects to TSX, TSXV, and TMX Select. For clients already connected, there are no net new fees for leveraging existing connections for TMX Select.

Product Fee

Order Protection Rule (OPR)
Route Out Service
1 Gb Connectivity (Demarcation)2 No Charge
10 Gb Connectivity (Demarcation)2 $1,500/mth first primary connection

$1,000/mth additional primary connection

$1,000/mth disaster recovery connection

New STAMP / FIX certification $3,0003
Session bundle set-up $500 per bundle4
Base amount for weekend tests $2,500 per test
GTE only $2,000 per month
  1. The OPR Route Out Service is provided through the TSX Smart Order Router (SOR) and subject to the terms and conditions of a TSX SOR Subscriber Agreement.
  2. Subscribers are responsible for carrier communications costs
  3. Applicable to net new STAMP / FIX certification only. There is no fee for certifying to TMX Select if already certified to STAMP / FIX previously.
  4. Any net new session bundles set-up for the sole purpose of accessing TMX Select exclusively will be waived the set-up fee

All fees are in Canadian dollars and are subject to applicable taxes1.

1Note: GST/HST and QST are not being applied to all trading execution fees on TMX Select. TMX Select has submitted to both the Canada Revenue Agency("CRA") and Revenue Quebec ("RQ") requests for tax rulings that the trading execution services provided by TMX Select would be exempt from GST/HST and QST. Please note that if CRA and RQ deny these ruling requests TMX Select will, pursuant to the GST/HST and QST legislation, seek to recover the GST/HST and QST that applies to all TMX Select trading execution fees on which GST/HST and QST has been charged.

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