Senior Management

These individuals comprise the Senior Management Team of TMX Group. To view a full biography in PDF format, click on the person's photo.

Lou Eccleston Lou Eccleston
Chief Executive Officer
TMX Group

Mr. Eccleston is Chief Executive Officer of TMX Group Limited. He joined TMX Group on November 3, 2014. Mr. Eccleston has more than 30 years of extensive experience gained in senior leadership roles in the information services, financial technology and capital market services sectors.
Kevan Cowan Kevan Cowan
President, TSX Markets and Group Head of Equities
TMX Group

Mr. Cowan is responsible for the equities business of TMX Group, including trading, listings and other services offered by Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange.
Jean Desgagné Jean Desgagné
President and CEO, The Canadian Depository for Securities Limited,
TMX Group

Jean Desgagné is President and Chief Executive Officer of The Canadian Depository for Securities Limited (CDS), Canada’s national securities depository, clearing and settlement hub for equity, fixed income and money markets.
Brenda Hoffman Brenda Hoffman
Senior Vice President, Group Head of Information Technology
TMX Group

Ms. Hoffman leads the technology team that operates Canada's two national stock exchanges, Toronto Stock Exchange, serving the senior equity market and TSX Venture Exchange, serving the public venture equity market. The team also includes NGX, a leading North American exchange for the trading and clearing of natural gas, crude oil and electricity contracts and Shorcan Brokers Limited, the country's first fixed income inter-dealer broker.
Mary Lou Hukezalie Mary Lou Hukezalie
Senior Vice President, Group Head of Human Resources
TMX Group

Ms. Hukezalie is responsible for all Human Resources programs and practices across the enterprise.
Alain Miquelon Alain Miquelon
President and Chief Executive Officer, Montréal Exchange
Group Head of Derivatives Markets,
TMX Group

Mr. Miquelon is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Montréal Exchange (MX) as well as Head of Derivatives Markets at TMX Group Inc. (TMX). His key responsibilities include overseeing the Montréal Exchange, the Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation (CDCC), and Shorcan Brokers Limited, a TMX fixed income interdealer broker.
Eric Sinclair James Oosterbaan
President, NGX
TMX Group

James Oosterbaan is President of NGX, a wholly owned subsidiary of TMX Group and leading North American Energy Exchange. NGX is based in Calgary and provides electronic trading and clearing of natural gas, crude oil, and electricity contracts.
Sharon Pel Sharon Pel
Senior Vice President, Group Head of Legal and Business Affairs
TMX Group

Ms. Pel has responsibility for advising on all legal and regulatory issues that arise out of TMX Group's operations and business initiatives.
Michael Ptasznik Michael Ptasznik
Chief Financial Officer
TMX Group

Mr. Ptasznik is responsible for a range of strategic functions including strategic and financial planning and reporting, corporate development, risk management, corporate communications and investor relations.
Eric Sinclair Eric Sinclair
President, TMX Datalinx and Group Head of Information Services
TMX Group

Mr. Sinclair is responsible for leading and growing a multi-asset class data and information services business, providing product and delivery solutions to an international capital markets community.